Make Time for Wellness or Illness?

pitta stress Jul 09, 2023

“If you don't make time for your wellness, you will be forced to make time for your illness.” Joyce Sunada

In our fast-paced, productivity-focused world we have more lifestyle induced diseases of stress than ever before.

It is revolutionary to take time off from work, especially for yourself. Fully removing yourself from daily responsibilities of vocation seems almost unheard of these days. 

We need to change this socially accepted toxic pushing and striving and bring in some balance of being back into our lives. If we wish to bring deeper meaning and awareness into our time journey of life, we need to re-evaluate the unhealthy priority we give to work NOW.

I believe we can change this dynamic if enough of us refuse to conform to the status quo. We are worthy without having to earn it through filling life with more doing. Let’s make time for our wellness! Time for some summer fun! Greet the sunrise, go for the hike, have a day at the lake, write in your journal, have tea with a friend. Why do these things get constantly pushed to the back burner?

Let’s make time for what enlivens and nourishes us by introducing habits of self-care that aren't based on the need to impress others or monetize our time. Well women create a well world!


Make time for your wellness and we can grow healthier together!!

With love and light,


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