Meditation for Uncertainty

healing meditation reflection yoga Jan 10, 2021

In light of the events that transpired this week, it's helpful to tune into the yogic adage: Where attention goes, energy flows. Focusing on energy that heals, not sickening acts of violence, is what will lead us to higher ground.

If you pray or meditate, I urge you to keep going, perhaps strengthening your resolve. If you are curious about starting a practice, now is a great time to start.

I offer you this guided meditation practice in hopes that it may help you find a little grounding focus amidst the uncertainty.

Here are some powerful words I read this week:

"Genuine prayer or meditation is one of the only ways to effect sustainable systemic change. This is an unpopular position, but we become like anything we focus on, including any opponent... We have so little control over events out there, but we have a massive amount of control over the one area no one ever wants to address: me, myself, and I."

- Stewart Kahn Lundy

This is the work I am drawn to facilitate in the world: teaching others to live clearly from their truth, connected to compassion. With this knowledge, we are able to heal ourselves, so there is a little less struggle in the world. Sending love and light out into the world doesn't have to be cliche or a New-Age thing to do. It's what is being required from each of us right now.

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