My First Blog Post- Get Oily With It!

ayurveda purpose self-care vata winter yoga Jan 08, 2017

It's true; other than being a guest blogger on a friend's blog, I have never been a blogger. But today, January 9th, as I embark on 2017 goals to manifest my dreams, all that is about to change. I write blogs all the time in my head, but my new challenge is to put them out into the world. I will post tips on using Ayurveda in everyday life, interesting ponderings, poetry, and yogic wisdom. I hope you find benefit in what I share...

Do you know what is often running around in a lot of people's minds this time of year? "My skin is so dry!" Yes. It's true. It's winter and skin tends to get very dry. You grab your hand lotion, your foot cream or your daily face moisturizer, but I doubt those will really do the trick. What you need is to start doing, in addition to drinking more water, is self Abhyanga! Say what?

Abhyanga is the sanskrit term for "oil massage". In Ayurveda oil is the key to almost everything, especially during early and mid-winter (Vata season). Generally, sesame oil is the preferred oil for this time of year. Use organic, unrefined, the kind you cook with, and you can add a few drops of essential oil if you'd like to inspire the scent a little more. Every day, after a shower or even if you don't shower at all that day, rub this oil ALL OVER your body. Everywhere!! From the soles of your feet (be careful not to slip) to your scalp make yourself slightly greasy. Let it soak in for a bit before putting your clothes on. A little self-nourishment goes a long way...

After just a few days of doing Abhyanga, you will notice the benefits. Your mind will calm down, your joints will move more easily, and you won't feel so gosh darn dry. Give it a try and let me know what your experience is!

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