Please! Don't DETOX in January!

detox digestion natural flow vata Jan 09, 2022

You read that correctly: Please DO NOT Detox in January!

Even though popular culture is trying to push post-holiday juice cleanses, raw food detoxes, and fasting, please don't fall into the trap of believing that is the best way to feel better and support your health this time of year.

When you flow with the cycles of nature (of which we are inherently a part), you will understand that the coldest time of year is the worst time to do anything that makes you colder. Instead, I encourage you to do a digestive reset with simple, warm, cooked foods - giving the gluten, dairy, sugar, and alcohol a rest.

You may have been challenged over the holidays, but this isn't the time to juice, or fast, or go raw! Watch my video on this topic to learn more.

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