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dosha kapha mindset pitta vata vitality circle Aug 02, 2020


Most people don't realize how powerful they are in designing what they can be, do, and achieve. I find that if I sit down and talk with most people, they share a feeling of being stuck in some area of their lives. Limiting beliefs, negative self-talk, and long-held habits can be shifted but we must desire the change. Ayurveda provides a way for us to understand our relationship to change, based on our constitution (dosha): Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Here is how each dosha approaches change:

Vata predominant people, who are governed by the elements of Air and Space, LOVE change. They love new experiences, meeting new people, learning new skills and exploring new ideas. They are the most eager to embrace change, but also easily distracted and often unable to stick with their original goals because the next new exciting idea or adventure whisks them away. Ironically, Vatas can also get easily overstimulated and overwhelmed by too much change.

Pitta predominant people, who are governed by the elements of Fire and Water, are ambitious and thus embrace change when it feels purposeful toward achieving a goal. They are organized and logical and pursue change when it aligns with their schedule and ambition. At the same time, they focus on the long-term picture of what they are creating in their lives, building skills and experiences very strategically.

Kapha predominant people, who are governed by the elements of Earth and Water, are the most hesitant to change because they like sticking with the familiar. They prioritize feeling safe and comfortable as much of the time as possible. They are the least likely to seek out change, but the most likely to stick with it once they commit (because another part of Kapha is that they are incredibly loyal, with good follow through). They may take some convincing to try new things, but once there is buy-in, they are sure to embrace change and potential.

Marketing expert, Seth Godin wrote recently in his blog: "People don’t change (Unless they want to) Humans are unique in their ability to willingly change. We can change our attitude, our appearance and our skillset. But only when we want to. The hard part, then, isn’t the changing it. It’s the wanting it."

How badly do you want change in your life? Do you WANT to change your energy level, your sleep patterns, your digestive experience, your weight, or your self-concept?

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There will never be a better time to change.


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