Relaxation is Medicine

Aug 14, 2022

Do you feel tired?

One of the teachings in Ayurveda is: "Don't suppress natural urges.”

We often can honor this teaching when it comes to sneezing, burping, farting, or needing to use the bathroom. Holding any of these natural urges “in” causes energy blocks in the body.

But, what about rest?

If you are anything like me, you often override your body's plea for rest because that is our societal norm, it's what we all do. Who pays attention to their first yawn in the evening? Or a sigh when we feel spent? Who reaches for a caffeinated beverage or a snack when our energy dips?

Most of us!

We sleep less. We eat more. We move our bodies less. We tell ourselves we’ll get to relax at some point in the future. We worry that relaxation will be seen by others as laziness, or that we won’t reach our potential if we rest.

Let's stop the insanity!
August 15th is actually National Relaxation Day!

Let’s take the opportunity to pay attention to the signs from our bodies. 

Today, take at least 1 minute to relax.

Maybe, just maybe, that one minute will feel so good, you will be able to double the time.

Maybe you will put your legs up the wall, close your eyes and breathe, or listen to a yoga nidra.

I am tempted to give you more info about your body's physiology, recipes to support your vitality, and herbs for stress reduction, but you don't need MORE things to do, get, or learn right now. Just please, set your timer for one minute and soften your body, expand your breath, let your eyes soften in their sockets, smile gently, and see what shifts for you.

Do it now.

How did it feel?

Finding a healthy balance between effort and relaxation is an area in our lives where we need to honor Spanda, the principle expansion and contraction. We are happier and healthier organisms when we honor that we need both activity and rest.

Whatever gifts of relaxation you are willing to offer yourself and receive, know that you are supporting your future health, longevity, immunity, and happiness.

You don't have to wait until your next vacation.

Cheers to you honoring your natural urges for rest and relaxation!


Do you want to rest and relax? Do it! 

Are you holding tension in your body? Take a couple breaths to consciously soften. 

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for health and happiness. 

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