Self-Care Reminders

self-care vata winter Dec 26, 2023

It's Christmas Eve today. Whether you celebrate this holiday or not, our culture provides us a break during this time, which can bring up A LOT.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of this time of year, perhaps tinged with grief and loss, I want to take a moment to remind you: You matter. You, attending to yourself, matters.

Winter is the season of inner awareness, dreaming, healing, and nourishing.

Although our culture strives to get under your skin with enough-ness: are you going to enough parties? have you bought enough gifts? are you making enough of everyone’s favorite foods? do you have enough money? is there enough time for one more photo? is your house clean enough? have you made everyone happy enough?

All of this further drives us into overwhelm, anxiety, and depletion.

This is not living in alignment with Winter energy!

We can do a BOTH/AND!

We can show up for some of the holiday parties and social events AND give ourselves space to rest, dream, create, and listen to our intuition.

Whether you celebrate Christmas or simply get to delight in a day off, I hope you enjoy this day and take a moment to nourish yourself. Give yourself a little gift of your own attention and notice how it feels.

Here are some suggestions of quick self-care options:

  •  Go for a 5 minute walk outside
  •  Give yourself a hug and/or a high five in a mirror
  •  Drink a large cup of water (ideally warm)
  •  Take 4 deep breaths, smiling as you elongate the exhale out the mouth
  •  Close your eyes for 30 seconds and notice all the smells around you
  •  Do a few hip circles in each direction

Please report back to me: What did you chose, and how do you feel now?

Wishing you a fabulous holiday week!

Much love and light,


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