Sending Love to You

dosha gratitude kapha reflection spring Feb 14, 2021

Love by May Sarton
Fragile as a spider's web Hanging in space 
Between tall grasses, 
t is torn again and again. 
A passing dog 
Or simply the wind can do it. 
Several times a day I gather myself together 
And spin it again. 
Spiders are patient weavers. 
They never give up. 
And who knows 
What keeps them at it? 
Hunger, no doubt, 
And hope.

Love is our innate wisdom and power. It takes work and has immense rewards.

Kapha dosha, made up of the elements of Earth and Water, epitomizes the energy of love. The energy of Kapha is strong, soothing, comforting, and stable. How awesome is it that the celebration of Valentine's Day falls during the beginning of Kapha Season?

As the sap begins to rise in the trees, and the seeds beneath the ground begin to sprout, we feel our inspiration sparking once again. We are driven, as May Sarton points out, by "hunger" and "hope" with which we weave our webs of love.

We can focus our love inward as the nights are still long and allow for internal awareness. With gratitude and appreciation, explore what your body needs right now. Are there pulls toward more movement, for your body to stretch and expand? Cravings for fresh greens? Or feeling more energized with a little less sleep? Notice these tiny, subtle shifts as we move toward the world blossoming with love in the coming spring buds.


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