Summer Wisdom

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Do you love or dread the heat? Do you tend to get more grumpy in the summer or feel more energized and alive? Do you notice skin issues, looser bowel movements or more acid indigestion this time of year? Do you take on big projects and feel more inspired, focused, and driven? These are all aspects of Pitta (the energy of fire) showing up more prevalently in the summertime.

Ayurveda is all about living in alignment with the rhythms of the seasons AND balancing with the Wisdom of Opposites.  We are all affected by the energy of Pitta this time of year, but those who have a Pitta-predominant constitution will be particularly aggravated. We can all find ease in the heat with these following tips.

Guidelines for Summer (PITTA) Season LIFESTYLE: - Walk barefoot in the cool morning grass - Exercise at dawn or dusk - Massage body with coconut or sunflower oil - Keep cool during hot times of day - go swimming, take a cold shower, etc. - Get sun on your skin early in the morning (cooler spectrum of light) - Cover the body with light, loose fitting cotton clothes - Good colors to wear: grey, light blue, purple and green - Avoid: skipping meals and extended fasting - If pitta is high (meaning you get easily irritated or frustrated), avoid serious or heated discussions during the hottest times of the day - Get 7-8 hours of sleep, waking before the sunrise for optimum energy and clarity - Use Alternate Nostril Breathing to balance your body's inner thermostat.

DIET: - Favor sweet, bitter, astringent foods - Avoid pungent (spicy), sour, salty in excess - Avoid red meat, pork, lamb, bison and bacon - Drink cooling herbal teas (see below)) - Avoid alcohol and caffeine - Eat sweet fruits, avoid sour and acidic fruits - Eat melons 1/2 hour before, or 2 hours after, other food - Eat lots of seasonal vegetables, especially leafy greens - Green smoothies! Try adding nutrient rich wild plants like dandelion, thistle or plantain. - If you have acid reflux or heartburn, drink psyllium in water between lunch and dinner - Make sun or moon tea - place herbs in a jar filled with water and leave out in the sun or overnight so that the moonlight infuses the herbs into the water.  The energy of the sun is energizing, the energy of the moon is cooling and calming.

HERBS: - Hibiscus- used in many tropical countries to cool and nourish during hot weather, high in Vitamin C, fruity, and lovely with mint. - Mint- cooling, calming, and digestive aid - Shatavari - one of the primary pitta pacifying Ayurvedic herbs, especially nourishing to the female reproductive system - Red clover - rich in minerals and gentle blood tonic - Passionflower - calming, soothing, great for sleep - Gotu kola or Brahmi - helps relax and clear the mind and nourish the nervous system - Cumin, Coriander and Fennel - a traditional Ayurvedic blend that helps clear heat and support digestion.

If you have continuing issues in Pitta season and want to work with me 1:1, please reach out for an Ayurveda Consult. There is no need to suffer this summer. Send me an email at [email protected].

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