Summertime Yoga

imbalance pitta summer vitality circle yoga Jul 21, 2019

Pitta Season is in full swing here in the US. The heat and light of summertime can often lead us to believe we need to push harder and exert more. The qualities of fire may find us hyper-focused on a project, feeling irritable, or having a shorter fuse than usual. When the heat and light are intense, we need to balance with practices that are cooling and calming.

In this yoga video, I guide you through a gentle and cooling practice that leaves you feeling restored and ready for more summer adventures. I share a cooling breath (Sheetali Pranayam) in the middle of the practice which is a really great tool to use when you are too hot; it's like inner air conditioning.

As you practice, I invite you to tune in to how it feels to slow down and soften. What a gift it can be to bring some slow, cool, and soft qualities into the summer heat.

If you are interested in learning how daily alignment with the season, your constitution, and your life-stage can bring you greater vibrance, health and energy, consider joining the Vitality Circle.

Let me know how you feel after this practice. I am sending you Summertime blessings!

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