Sunrise = Energy AND Ease

depression habit evolution self-care May 22, 2022

Would you like to feel more energized and positive for your day?

Wake before the sunrise and be outside and present as the world grows lighter. This may sound trivial but it is really one of the most amazing small actions we can take to be healthy and happy humans. It's truly magical. Circadian rhythms affect us more than most of us would like to admit. It's truly these types of habit changes that have made a profound difference for so many of the women I work with (no drugs required).

It is great to practice waking before the sunrise any time of the year, AND springtime is particularly delightful to be outside at sunrise.

We actually respond to the dawning of the day with our physiology. Our energy builds with the solar energy. You will feel your energy more sustained through the day.

This practice is also an ancient Ayurvedic remedy for depression. The experience is affirming to your life and calls you to be present. The awareness of the greater world cultivated by being awake and present at this time of day allows us to feel greater connectivity with the energy and potential around us.

If practiced day after day, you will be come more energized, positive, and at ease as you flow into the rest of your day. Try it! 

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