Thank you for an amazing 2021

purpose reflect Dec 26, 2021

I hope you are having a nourishing holiday time, whatever that means for you.

This time of year can be so varied. It can be a welcome break for relaxation, and it can also be challenging, connecting, lonely, happy, sad, nourishing, frustrating, and sometimes all of these things at once. I am experiencing many of these emotions myself as I take some time to be with family in the warmth of David's childhood home in South Carolina.

It's been a challenging year for all of us. I am so grateful to be connected with YOU! Together we can stay resilient. Let's continue to navigate through the challenges, knowing we are not alone. It's time to share our gifts with the world in service to our collective evolution.

Here is a beautiful and healing practice many of you have heard me share in yoga classes. I invite you to say the following loving kindness prayer each day. Say it for someone in your life, and at least once, say it for yourself.

May your life be free from suffering,

May your heart be open,

May your body be filled with joy and with ease,

May you share your gifts with the world,

And may you know your true self in this lifetime.

I bow in gratitude for our connection over the past year!

May this last week of the year be filled with reflection, humility, self-love, compassion, forgiveness, and grace.

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