The Importance of the Sacred Pause

meditation pitta reflection summer Jul 22, 2018

As we prepare for final outings to close out the summer, for kids to go back to school, and and lazy days at the lake draw to a close, you might be asking yourself, “How can I carry some of that carefree ease into my daily life moving forward?”

The answer: Stop, Drop and Sit!

Meditation and mindfulness practices have long been proven to be an antidote to the constant barrage of information, stimulation, and pressure to be ever-more productive. Sitting in silence even for just a minute or two is of great support to your nervous system which gets worn down by days upon days of being on the go.

In my clinical Ayurveda practice, I frequently see clients who have what western medicine would call “adrenal fatigue”. This same depletion can also be labeled as hypothyroidism, autoimmune issues, or general fatigue that cannot be remedied by a few nights of good sleep. Most people don’t realize the slow but steady drain on their vitality that eventually will wreak havoc in the body on deeper and deeper levels. There are many ingredients to rebuilding strength in the systems of the body, but one of the most potent is to pause and connect to your body and breath.

To live from an energized, and empowered place, you need to clear your mind. Time to sit and be still, allows you to digest your experiences. It actually opens up space in your brain for new inspiration, insights and energy.

How to start: Choose a quiet place to sit, set up a chair or a cushion on the floor Choose a time that you can commit to sit each day consistently Set an alarm on your phone to remind you to meditate at the same time each day Set your timer for five minutes Sit with your spine erect and your eyes closed Relax. Breathe deeply and slowly. Allow your awareness to expand from yourself to the outside world Become an observer of everything - your breath, sensations in your body, your emotions, your thoughts, and sounds around you When your alarm goes off, gently open your eyes, stretch a little and go back to your day gradually increase the time you sit.

The best times to sit are either at the beginning or the end of the day, but find what can comfortably fit into your schedule now. This tiny daily habit will begin to fill your inner cup with more energy, less reactivity, and greater ease. Let me know how it goes!

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