Tulsi/Holy Basil

digestion energy herbs recipes vata winter Jan 30, 2022

Do you have an herbal ally for the Winter? 

An herbal ally is an herb you can turn to that will help you maintain or regain health. One of the best herbal allies for the Winter is Tulsi, or Holy Basil. 

Grown in the summer, Tulsi can be dried and used all Winter long to support the respiratory, digestive, urinary, nervous, and circulatory systems. 

Tulsi is Sanskrit for “the incomparable one” and in India is commonly grown around homes and temples to purify and sanctify the atmosphere. We can use it to purify our insides too.

With a warming and energizing effect on the body, Tulsi supports immunity and stress reduction, making it one of the best overall Wintertime herbs. Additionally, it strengthens the heart, dispels phlegm, and supports the kidneys. 

You can purchase many pre-made Tulsi tea blends, but if you buy it in bulk and like to mix your own teas, here is one of my favorite infusions for this time of year:

Winter Soothing Tulsi Tea Blend (makes 4 cups)
1 T. Dried Tulsi
5 Cardamom pods
a few slices of fresh Ginger

Put these ingredients into a quart glass jar and fill it with boiling water and cover. Let it steep 20-60 minutes. Strain out the plant material. Add honey to taste before drinking.

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