Two Easy Spring Cleaning Tricks

spring sun water Feb 27, 2023

When Spring starts to warm our world, we can feel both inspired AND have a hard time getting out of the rut of “winter mode” (when we naturally eat more and are less active).

In Ayurveda, spring is considered one of the “joints in the seasons,” meaning a point where we move from cold to warm in the environment. During this time we can feel motivationally challenged physically, mentally, and emotionally. We can tend toward depression, sleeping in, and resisting exercise.

The irony here is that we need to cultivate lightness in Spring as the antidote to the heaviness. This takes effort and awareness. 

Time for Spring Cleaning!

Clean out your body, your mind, your home, and your work spaces. Get a fresh start on everything.

If we don’t do some spring cleaning, we end up feeling really sluggish, lethargic, and uninspired, overcome by the springtime elements of Earth and Water (Kapha).

Two simple ways to initiate this cleansing energy inside yourself is to get up a little earlier and drink warm lemon water each morning.

Step 1: Start getting up a little earlier each day.

If you aren’t already getting up before the sunrise, start doing that. If you are already getting up before the sunrise, see if you can get up even a little earlier so you have 20-30 minutes in the darkness before the sunlight arrives.

This helps build your energy for the day and have a clear mind.

Step 2: Drink 2-4 cups of warm lemon water after waking up.

We all wake up dehydrated in the morning. Drinking warm water soothes the digestive tract and makes it easier to absorb, compared to cold water. In the Spring, we ideally want to extend our fasting windows between meals a little more to allow the body to clear out more Winter sludge. Starting the day with awesome hydration helps clarify the distinction between thirst and hunger.

Try these two tips out and let me know how it goes.

 Joining together in community to do a Spring reset of body, mind, and spirit is what led me to create my Spring Detox. I designed this Detox so you can have the support of the community but also the freedom (with guidance) to design a detox that aligns with your needs. Consider joining us for a Spring Detox.  

With love and light,


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