Unexpected Benefits of Healing

self-care vitality circle Oct 09, 2023

This is the time of year for reflecting on what we have cultivated and grown into now. If we have intentionally evolved in powerful ways, we can harvest the joy of what has come to fruition. I get to see this process take place all the time for women in the Vitality Circle, the year long program that I run for women. 

Ayurveda is life changing! But, you've got to want the change...

Here is what Robyn, a current Vitality Circle member (and now a mentor), has to share:

I can’t recommend this program enough! This investment of both time and money over the next year is absolutely the best preventative care you can do for yourself. You will see positive changes in what you hoped, plus amazing changes in things you thought were “just the way they are.”

For me personally, the surprises have been in relation to my skin. I’ve eliminated a severe poison ivy allergy and no longer need to use an expensive line of skincare products for my face. I’m making a simple facial cleanser & moisturizer out of food-safe ingredients & oils. These changes weren’t anything I was directly working on… they came simply by adopting Hannah’s Vitality Circle habits at a B- level.

The goals I came to the table with were around better understanding of foods/nutrition and more peace around both space and time. Yes! And yes! The Vitality Circle program structure Hannah has created, along with the ten Ayurvedic habits, are life changing.

If reading this lights you up, you can jump into your own Vitality Circle evolution now. As Robyn mentions, the preventative care that this program offers is in contrast to our current medical paradigm. Learn how to truly thrive in body, mind, and spirit to avoid unnecessary suffering and heal current issues. The imbalances disappear through applying personalized Ayurveda and being in an evolutionary community. 

Learn more about the Vitality Circle here. The doors open to this powerful experience 4 times a year but spaces are limited. 

If you are feeling called toward this life-changing experience, schedule a Clarity Call with me now. In this call, we will discuss what your current goals and desires are and see if it is a great fit for any of my offerings. This is a FREE 30 minute call. No pressure, just a conversation to support your next steps and optimal wellbeing. What do you have to lose?

Talk soon! 

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