Vata Season Tips = Balance

autumn gunas imbalance self-care vata Oct 03, 2022

Each season carries with it distinct qualities. These qualities show up as descriptive words like Autumn is cool, Summer is hot, Spring is wet.

GUNA is the Sanskrit word for "quality."

As we move into Vata season of Autumn, we will experience more of the qualities, or gunas, of Vata: cold, dry, light, mobile, subtle, and rough.

To the degree to which Vata is a primary part of your constitution or imbalance is the degree to which these gunas will negatively impact you. Luckily we can (usually) easily manage the imbalances they cause.

To balance them out, and keep them from creating imbalance in our bodies and minds (like dry skin, constipation, and anxiety) we need to bring in the opposite gunas: moist, warm, stable, gross (meaning obvious or apparent), and smooth.

For example, we will benefit from things like drinking warm tea instead of cold beverages, eating more cooked foods instead of raw or cold, wearing more clothing and sleeping with more blankets on top of us instead of just having something light covering us in the Autumn.

Support yourself through your awareness of the gunas!

How are you balancing Vata these days?

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