Vata Season Tips = Connection

autumn community detox equinox vata Sep 26, 2022

Sometimes we need to feel invited.

Now that it's Autumn (Happy Equinox, this past Thursday!), we all need to be more aware of the effects of the changing seasons, moving from Pitta to Vata predominance in the environment. 

One of the aspects of Vata is feeling separate, alone, and disconnected. This kind of feeling is experienced more during the Vata season of Autumn and Early Winter because of the light, subtle, cold, and mobile qualities that the season initiates in our environment, which in turn affects us.

Notice as the weather cools, if you start telling yourself stories about being less included, or if you feel unsure of your connection to others, you are experiencing the affects of Vata.

Welcome that awareness as part of experiencing Vata energy and make an effort to reassure yourself that you are worthy of healthy connection, make an effort to intentionally connect, and include others in your life.

A little invitation creates warmth and connection, allowing us staying bonded in meaningful ways.

You can connect with this community to heal (and be honored as your true self) through our Autumn Detox. We start tomorrow. 

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