What the Heck is Dinacharya?

autumn ayurveda habit evolution seasonal wisdom self-care Oct 02, 2023

Happy October!

As the weather grows cooler and the nights grow longer, perhaps you are feeling drawn to make changes in how you are living day-to-day.

This is totally seasonally appropriate and is actually part of living an Ayurvedic lifestyle.

Have you heard the word Dinacharya?

Dina- daily

Charya - rhythm

The daily rhythms/routines (aligning with the rhythms of nature) that Ayurveda guides us to cultivate creates easeful health and wellbeing.

I was recently interviewed by Sasha Bershadsky on the Ojas Oasis podcast about Dinacharya. It was a fun conversation diving into my own personal health journey to give context to my emphasis on women's health, and then sharing some simple, start-where-you-are tips on how to get started with your own daily alignment with the rhythms of nature.

When applied well, and only for 80% of the time (aiming for a solid B-), Dinacharya is amazing natural support for our health and wellbeing!

Check it out and let me know what you think! And please share with your friends. 


Cheers to your evolving Dinacharya!

With love and light,


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