What Will Support Your Evolution in 2024?

ayurveda community digestion dosha self-care vitality circle Jan 29, 2024

Have you noticed there is an owner's manual for the appliances we buy, and even for our cars, but we remain the greatest mystery to ourselves? We are perplexed by our own behaviors, bodies, and experiences.  

This means we know more about how our washing machine works, than say, how our digestive system works.

I often describe Ayurveda as the owner's manual for the unique body, mind, and spirit that each of us never received.

Until we understand our individual, elemental constitution (Dosha), and imbalances, we will struggle.

We will struggle in our bodies with certain aspects of our health, and decide that we are just inherently meant to struggle in those areas.

We will struggle in our minds, believing we are stuck in ways that can never change.

We will struggle in relationships repeating patterns that create conflict and challenge either internally, externally, or both.

I know because I have been there!

I used to believe that I was destined experience challenges with most of my bodily functions like sleeping, digesting, and pooping because, well, none of those were going well for me for decades.

I used to struggle with my mind, thinking that my natural state was the pendulum swing between anxiety and depression. 

I used to struggle in my relationships because of patterns of self-doubt and over-giving.

Let’s stop the unnecessary suffering!!

It’s not about the new diet trends, keeping up with becoming well-adjusted to our imbalanced modern society, or taking more and more prescription drugs that promise fabulous outcomes. It’s about leaning into your own superpowers and recognizing your inherent challenges as places for growth.

Once I understood that all of my health issues stemmed from Vata imbalance (too much air and space) I was able to implement balancing self-care practices resulting in a life today where I do not struggle with the issues I mentioned before. 

When we understand our unique constitution, we enter a new empowered place in our lives. We are able to know if something aligns with our highest good or not, whether it is a food, an activity, or a relationship. We get to experience easeful flow in our days and life becomes more joyful.

I invite you to explore what being on an evolutionary path could look like for you. Would you be open to exploring your potential over the next year?

The Vitality Circle is a year-long program that includes individual and group sessions, detoxes, and online retreats for a year, plus an extra bonus month of Prep Academy.

Practice daily habits of Ayurveda to support your health, ease, and joy. Participate in a loving community with other phenomenal women who will support you every step of the way. Plus you get 1:1 Ayurveda consultations with me, mentorship, and an accountability partner. Check out what graduates have to say HERE

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With love and light,


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