Where Will We Break to Grow?

kapha spring Feb 20, 2024

We have about a month until Spring officially arrives.

Do you feel your energy building with the adding of a few minutes of daylight each day?

If we pay attention, we can feel our sap rising, the vitality juice within us eager for more engagement with the external world. 

Here is a poem that resounds with the energy of the coming Spring.

Arrival by sophie strand

Light branches nerve-like through

the high, clean sky. Two crows toss

themselves like so much sad from

an open hand into the windswept river.

Somewhere, the in the glittering belt

of Cayuga soil that, below our feet,

mirrors the Milky Way,

a seed gets hungry for air.


Today is the beginning of hard work.

There is rock to puncture. Water to suck

from the cracked skin of quartz.


In a matter of days, the ice will relax

and fracture the sidewalk.


Where will I break to grow?


Where, as the earth slackens,

will I raise my new green hand?


As above, so below.

May the longing you feel for new growth in your life be born into fruition as Spring approaches. 


With love and light,


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