Women's Wisdom Workshop

spring Apr 03, 2023

Happy April! I have created something new this Spring and I want to make sure you know about it!

After years of offering seasonal One Habit to Thrive Challenges, I am excited to share something new and exciting:  a condensed and potent 2.5 hour workshop!  

I am seeing incredible successes with the women in my programs and I want to share a little taste of that with you. If you have ever been tempted to join one of my Ayurveda programs to support your wellbeing, here is a great opportunity to get your feet wet!

I invite you to join me for the first ever Spring Women's Wellness Workshop 

In this workshop, I will share:

  •  How to live in alignment with Spring (taking life stages into consideration) 
  •  How to lose weight without dieting.
  •  How to support amazing sleep. 
  •  How to naturally relieve digestive issues like gas, bloating, pain, and acid reflux. 
  •  How to begin healing chronic health conditions, naturally.
  •  How to wake up each day feeling energized and younger.
  •  How to become a model of health for those around you. 
  •  How to be the happiest and healthiest version of YOU this season and beyond!! 

 Learn about cultivating more vitality and vibrance in your life through natural means.

 I am hosting this one workshop as an offering to the larger community, so I hope you will invite your friends and I will see all of you there. (If you do invite a friend and they sign up for any of my programs after the workshop, you will get a complimentary 1:1 session with me)!

 With love and light,


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