Befriending Kapha

ayurveda detox dosha kapha mindset natural flow spring Apr 04, 2021

When people first learn about living in alignment with the seasonal elements in Ayurveda, they are often curious about how they will personally be affected.

The elements in the environment during each season can either challenge or support us. They naturally encourage certain qualities (or Gunas) in us. Depending on our individual constitution, we will be more or less affected by a season. When we are in the season of our predominant dosha, we will tend to be more challenged.

For those of you Kapha predominant folks, this is the season to be the most focused on following Ayurvedic guidelines (look to next week's newsletter for tips on Springtime eating).

In Spring, Kapha Season, the qualities/gunas of Earth and Water are heavy, dense, cool, cloudy, and wet. Some challenges we may experience from the elevation of these qualities are lethargy, a tendency to gain weight, feeling a little chilly or timid, brain fog, more mucus in the head or when eliminating, desire to sleep more, and more moisture in the body overall.

Kapha season can be a time for us to intentionally lighten the load and balance the qualities listed above. Spring cleaning is no joke, as those folks who are currently in their last week of the Spring Detox with me know well! Cleaning out our bodies, minds, and living spaces is a wonderful way to stay in alignment and balance in the springtime.

Have you tried eating lighter foods or going through your closet or piles of papers you have tucked into the corner? You will feel lighter!

Kapha brings gifts of connectivity and compassion as well. The sticky quality of earth and water invites in the energy to be social, reach out to others, and expand into new visions of how we can be of service in the world. This is especially important as we navigate through emerging from our pandemic separateness.

We all need more hugs these days, and Kapha energy has hugs awaiting in abundance.

The grounded energy of Kapha also supports us in making decisions from a grounded and nourished place as we venture out into the sunlight and warmth of spring. Call on your awareness. When presented with decisions, ask yourself, "What serves the greater whole, the bigger picture?"

If you pay attention to your yearly journey, you will see how each of the seasons has an effect on you. They each bring gifts and challenges. Cheers to your Kapha season journey! Enjoy the flowers, connect with friends, and keep stress in check. After all, the Kapha motto is "Don't worry, be happy!"

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