Make January Magical

depression vata vitality circle winter Jan 08, 2024

For many, this time post holidays can be really challenging. Many people I have spoken with lately feel like they have been in a funk. We put lots of time, energy, and attention into the holidays and this time of year feels like a trough after a large wave. Perhaps this poem resonates with how you are feeling these days (thanks to Mary Magoulick for sending this poem my way).

January by Jennifer Grotz

At first, like grief, the snow

covers everything. Then it begins to reveal

the wan and sickly rainbow of our presence,

Cinnamon-sugar or boot-worn paths, dog urine, 

roads rimmed with black exhaust. Or

in the woods carpeted with new snow

ground threatens to give, unstable ice

creaking like floorboards below.

Winter necessitates looking down.

World winnowed down to whites and grays

and branches blown bare: this is just my mind

of winter, I thought. Depression, it is said,

is gross indifference to the world. But

I wasn't indifferent, I was sinking.

I stared at nothing and heard my voice say,

just wait a little longer. I didn't know

which was me -- the urging or the sinking.

Outside the window, decidedly silver

and patient, it seemed to me, moonlight

took its time filtering down through the trees 


I admittedly go in and out of the funk myself this time of year, yet when I turn to my Ayurvedic tools of support, I quickly feel much lighter and more hopeful. Reconnecting with personal intentionality now, after giving so much to others, is the balm that will help us sail through January with ease. In hopes that you may feel inspired to put some helpful practices into place in your own life these days, here are a few of my favorites:

- Wake before the sun and get outside! How many of you joined me for the Stroll vs Scroll Challenge this past week? Keep the momentum going or start now. Get outside! Being in the elements during sunrise is especially beneficial for brain chemistry and helps to reduce cortisol, resulting in feeling more calm, focused, grounded, and connected.

- Hydrate early in the morning, before coffee or tea. Drinking up to a quart (4 cups) of warm/hot water with a little lemon or apple cider vinegar helps to hydrate and alkalize the body which supports overall mood and longevity. Hydration is often a simple key to sustaining energy and dehydration is harder to detect in the winter. 

- Eat three meals a day, at regular times, and that's it (no snacking). Give your digestive system a break between meals. Make lunch your biggest meal and focus on seasonal veggies made in warm, cooked, one pot meals to support ease of digestion and healthy agni (digestive fire). Eating at set times each day, at least 3 hours apart, helps your nervous system relax into a known pattern which is so helpful for overwhelm and helps you avoid getting hangry or overwhelmed. Let meals be simple - you can even eat the same nourishing dish for multiple meals.

- Skip the alcohol and sugar, and go to be early. The less substances manipulating your brain chemistry the better! Instead of looking to sugar and alcohol to change how you feel, try honoring what your body needs. Sleep is probably high on the list. Start winding down (dim the lights, take a bath, put on soft music, do some gentle yoga or yoga nidra) around 8:30pm and go to bed before 10pm. Sleep, then start these supportive habits all over again. 

There is never a better time than now to implement habits that support you being your happiest and healthiest self! If you would like support in doing that, as well as 1:1 Ayurvedic counseling to heal any health issues you are currently struggling with, you are in luck! The doors to the Vitality Circle are currently open to receive the next group of women who are ready for a natural, uplifting, healing revolution within supportive community. If you are interested, read up on the program and then schedule a clarity call with me asap. Space is limited and NOW is the time. 


Run your own experiment this week. Pick one of the suggestions above, stick with it, and write me back to let me know how you feel. If it makes a difference, why wouldn't you want to learn ALL the amazing things you can do naturally to support your wellbeing through joining the Vitality Circle? I am cheering you on and hope to talk with you soon!

Much love and light,


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